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Water lines may be buried underground, but that doesn’t necessarily protect them from damage. Damage can be caused by everything from invasive tree roots to movement in the earth caused by earthquakes or nearby construction. This, in turn, can compromise the quality of your water and can cause water damage to your property. Fortunately, here at PlumbingFix, we offer full-fledged water line replacement and installation services.

Signs You Need Water Line Replacement

The following are some of the common signs that you may need to have your water line replaced:

  • Your water is a brownish color – If your water has turned brownish in color throughout your home, then there’s a good chance that your water line has been affected by corrosion.
  • Your water pressure has dropped – A loss in water pressure usually indicates that something is blocking your water lines. This could be the result of a buildup of debris, but it could also be caused by the invasion of tree roots. Tree roots will seek moisture, and if there’s condensation or leaks in your pipes, the roots will grow towards them and enter through any openings. A drop in water pressure can also be the result of leaks in your water line.
  • There is evidence of leaks – While a drop in water pressure is certainly one sign of a potential leak, another common sign is the presence of any soggy sports in your yard not caused by recent rain or watering. Additionally, if you’ve noticed that your water bills have suddenly skyrocketed from one month to the next, it could be the result of wasted water.

We can identify the source of the problem by using advanced video camera equipment to non-invasively inspect your water line.

Our Trenchless Water Line Replacement Service

Once we have identified the source of the problem, we use trenchless water line replacement techniques to replace damaged sections of your water line without having to dig up any of the landscaping or hardscaping on your property. Replacing your water line may seem impossible without digging up your entire yard, but it’s not. We use a trenchless water line replacement technique called Pipe Pull.

The Pipe Pull installation technique basically allows us to use the existing damaged water line to guide the new pipe into position as it is installed. This technique is incredibly effective and allows us to install new pipes quickly without compromising the quality of the installation.

If you suspect that your water line might be damaged, then be sure to contact us at PlumbingFix today in order to schedule an inspection. Our fully licensed and insured plumbing specialists have the training, experience, and expertise required to provide our water line replacement services.

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