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Most homes only have a single water line, yet homeowners tend to take their clean, running water for granted. If your water line is damaged, it can cause a drop in quality and pressure to your water. It can also result in leaks that can cause water damage to your property as well as result in more costly water bills. Our plumbing technicians at PlumbingFix will come inspect your water line in order to identify the source of the problem you’re experiencing and make any necessary repairs.

Signs You Need Water Line Repairs

The following are a few of the common signs that your water line is damaged and that you should contact us at PlumbingFix to schedule a water line repair service as soon as possible:

  • Your water is discolored – You’re not going to want to drink your water if it’s discolored. In some cases, a little bit of rust may be flushed through your pipes, especially through taps or faucets that aren’t used often. This can result in a brownish discoloration. However, if your water takes on a brownish tint throughout your entire home, there’s a good chance that either your water line has corroded significantly, or there are cracks in the pipes that are causing dirt to leak into your water.
  • Your water pressure has dropped – A drop in water pressure can be caused by a number of different things. One of the more common sources of a drop in water pressure is a simple clog. However, a drop in your water pressure can also be caused by damage to the water line. If your water line is leaking, it can affect the pressure of your water.
  • Your water bills are unusually high – If your water bills suddenly go up and there’s a drastic difference from one month to the next, it means that there’s probably a leak in your water line that’s causing you to waste a substantial amount of water.
  • Your lawn is constantly wet – If you notice wet spots on your lawn even though it hasn’t been raining and the grass hasn’t been watered in a while, it most likely means that your water line has been damaged and it’s causing water to leak out.

 Our Water Line Repair Services

Here at PlumbingFix, we are fully licensed and insured plumbing service that only employs the most highly trained, skilled and experienced plumbing technicians to our team. As part of our water line repair service, we will:

  • Show up to your property in time for your scheduled appointment.
  • Identify the source of the problem you are experiencing.
  • Use non-invasive methods to replace old pipes.
  • Preserve the condition and cleanliness of your property during repairs, including your lawn and driveway.
  • Perform water line repairs that conform to industry standards.

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