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Clogged drains may not seem like the biggest deal, but they can cause a serious nuisance. Whether they occur in the kitchen or the bathroom, clogged drains can slow down your ability to use your home’s water and can result in residue being left behind, making it more likely that your pipes will clog in the future.

If you experience a clogged drain, use PlumbingFix to solve the problem. A clogged drain may not seem like something that needs professional work but doing it yourself can be a real mistake. Many homeowners will try to use a store-bought drain cleaner, but these can end up damaging your pipes due to the chemicals that they use. We have the tools and expertise needed to completely remove the clog without causing any damage.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

The following are a few signs to look out for that you should schedule our plumbing service to come fix your clogged drains:

  • Pools of water begin to form around the drains in your shower or bathtub.
  • Water is backing up out of the drain in your bathroom or kitchen sink.
  • Once pools of water form in your sinks, tubs or showers, it takes a while for the water to drain.
  • The water in your toilet bubbles whenever you run the bathroom sink.
  • Your drains begin making gurgling sounds.
  • Water begins gathering on the floor near your bathroom sink or bathtub.
  • You can smell the odor of rotting food near your kitchen sink.

Drain Clearing Tips

In some cases, the clog may be small enough to handle on your own. The following are a few steps you should follow to try and see if you can clear the clogged drain. However, whatever you do, avoid using those store-bought drain cleaners!

  • Fill up the sink that’s experiencing the problem partially with water.
  • If you filling up the bathroom sink, then plug the overflow hole with a wet rag.
  • If you are filling the kitchen sink and it’s a double kitchen sink, then use a wet rag to block one of the drains.
  • Use a cup plunger to plunge the drain. Work it up and down several times.

In less serious cases, this can be enough to dislodge whatever it is that’s clogging your drain. Be wary about trying to dislodge the clog in any other way, such as with a snake. If you’re not trained to do this, you could end up damaging the pipes. Additionally, you may not clear the clog completely, which means it will only build up and clog your drain again sometime soon in the future.

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